bConverged Products

Designed to solve your most challenging simulation problems, our bConverged software products are ready and available when you need them, giving you the freedom to focus on what’s really important—getting your project done efficiently and effectively at a cost you can afford.

To learn more about the capabilities, consult our online resources or contact us.

bConverged CalculiX for Windows

CalculiX is an open source explicit and implicit finite element analysis suite with its own pre/post processor. As part of Convergent Mechanical’s commitment to open source software, we have ported these tools from Linux to Windows, improved their usability on the Windows platform and distribute them free of charge. This bundle includes:

  • A Windows build of CalculiX (solver plus pre/post processor)
  • The plotting tool gnuplot
  • A text editor
  • Documentation, examples and test suite


bConverged Open Engineering Suite

This extended version of bConverged CalculiX is available with CAD translation software including STEP, IGES and BREP translations to STEP, IGES, BREP, VRML, STL and partial translation to FBD. In addition, it includes a graphical user interface that launches CalculiX jobs and guides you through the various translators. bConverged Open Engineering Suite includes:

  • bConverged CalculiX for Windows
  • CAD/CAE translation software
  • Graphical launcher
  • Gmsh Pre/Post processor
  • 30 days telephone support for installation
  • Six months free downloadable upgrades

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